The Holes in Kiev’s Plot.

Shortly after Malaysian Airways flight MH17 was shot down over Donetsk, veteran Australian journalist and Sydney Morning Herald correspondent Paul McGeogh was alerted to a key part of it by a local from where the cockpit section of the plane had fallen. The photo below of the left side of the plane’s cockpit briefly made the headlines, though without the accompanying story of its gruesome companion – a cockpit seat with the pilot’s body still strapped into it – as related by the local witness. Until the cockpit section’s late appearance in the Dutch hanger where MH17 was reconstructed, it passed without a mention – more or less.

In fact this vital clue in the puzzle over what brought the plane down was noted very soon afterwards by an OSCE observer, the Canadian Michael Bociurkiw, who was interviewed by a local CBC TV reporter. Despite his serious prejudice against the so-called “separatists” – the local residents who had taken up arms to protect their community from the new Ukrainian nationalist Kiev government and its Right Sector militias – Bociurkiw gave an honest opinion on what he had seen – and seen in the piece of wreckage of MH17. It looked he said, as if it had been strafed with a machine gun – and it does! Not only are many of the holes round and clean cut, and about the size of a large calibre fighter plane’s cannon, but the holes are evenly spaced, as indicated below:

From CBC video at 6.15, holes in right side of cockpit.
Unsurprisingly I suppose, Bosciurkiw's observation was rapidly dismissed as impossible, given the separatists didn't have any fighter jets, and the CBC interview soon disappeared, along with the missing piece of the plane and any reference to it. No-one asked the obvious next question - one that would have verified or perhaps dis-proven the belief MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet - that being whether there was forensic evidence in the perforated alloy of the presence of Tungsten or other metal from the bullets passing through it. Those that did ask questions - such as on the findings of the autopsy on the pilot's body - got no answers. This included the pilot's wife, who despite travelling to the Netherlands to bring back her husbands body, was not allowed to see anything other than his face. There were stories on how some objects had been removed from his body that might explain this. 

 More to the point, and more easily verified at the time, were the widespread stories from witnesses to the disaster, including separatist commanders who arrived at the scene of the crime and took control of it, conscious of the possibility of interference or pilfering. Recordings of their conversations demonstrated that they didn't know how the plane came down, but also that they suspected Ukrainian fighter jets were responsible as they had been seen near the airliner and noted by numerous people. Several investigative journalists later visited the area to interview key witnesses about what they had seen, or not seen. As an analysis prepared by Russian engineers concluded, it would have been practically impossible for the plane to have been downed by a BUK missile without anyone either seeing it or photographing it; such a large missile makes a lot of noise and leaves a huge con-trail visible for minutes afterwards. 

  But none of this was a hindrance to Bellingcat, who concocted the most improbable and technically problematic story that would frame Russia as the culprit - the covert transporting of a BUK missile launcher over the border from Russia, simply to shoot down the passenger plane, before its rapid return home. Not only was this story complete nonsense, but Bellingcat had to make up the "evidence" by photoshopping images and using unverifiable sources.

In the strange world in which we now live - or those of us under the pall of the Western world's media enterprise now live - such implausible stories seem to have a peculiar attraction, and work better at the subconscious level where most international stories must operate. A detailed analytical study that presents irrefutable evidence stands no chance with an audience already gripped by a fairy story appealing to its fears and prejudices. As independent scientific observers we remain convinced that one day the scientific truth will prevail, despite all evidence to the contrary. 
 Ever since the demolition of the three WTC towers the conspirators have understood that they can get away with murder using sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors. The murders they have got away with include those in Syria and Ukraine, but also in Europe, where the Novichok poisonings were confected to achieve similar strategic goals but without actually killing people. For their role in establishing the framework of belief that is now enabling NATO's advance towards Russia's borders however, the Navalny and Skripal operations have been spectacularly successful. The degree of deception involved in conducting these operations and pulling them off against impossible odds is nicely summarised by this photo from Salisbury showing a crew removing the bench on which the Skripals had allegedly collapsed some days earlier; its religious theme seems appropriate given the fantastic belief in the bench's toxic properties - as if it were possessed: 
The adoration of the bench, Salisbury, March 23rd 2018
It may seem a strange comparison - between a piece of raw and tangible evidence, and a piece of political and strategic theatre in which only the viewer believes there is something real in the threat. But it makes the point; we can believe there is a threat from something we cannot smell or see, simply because there is no way of assessing that threat, and we must rely on those in control to protect us from it. 
  For the authorities - the agents whose job it is to manipulate our fears to suit their agenda - chemical, biological and nuclear threats are all ideal - even though in physical reality they are almost useless as weapons. All that is necessary is that people believe there is a threat, and must rely on "scientists" to advise them how great it is and how to protect themselves from it. 

  The connection between the downing of MH17, the "Novichok" poisoning of the Skripals, and the hybrid war currently playing out in Ukraine is actually quite intimate, and if we didn't need a guide to demonstrate this then Bellingcat has provided it. On cue, Eliot Higgins and his assistants have confirmed our presumptions about Western intelligence backing for Ukrainian special forces, and the willingness not just to turn a blind eye to neo-Nazi sympathies amongst the militias but to exploit such people for their ruthlessness and brutality. The military trainers from the UK, US and Canada might fool us about their recruits, but could hardly fool themselves when those recruits do nothing to hide their passions and hatreds, as here: 
Azov brigade member training old ladies and young mothers to kill Russians, Mariupol Feb 2022
As Vladimir Putin shows his aces once again, the elaborate deception planned and executed by the NATO powers comes into full view; none of what they have said over the last month about "Russian aggression" and their own contrasting dedication to diplomacy was true, but their lies were worse than that - the reality is practically opposite. Russia has been obliged to more or less follow their playbook, with Western public perceptions of her actions just as intended, and carefully managed by Bellingcat. But this may fall apart as the reality becomes impossible to ignore. After dismissing the talk of evacuations to Rostov as faked, the 70,000 so far evacuated can no longer be hidden. And now that Putin has pre-empted the Ukrainian invasion of the two republics the NATO plotters will have to come up with something else. Let's hope it's not a resort to those invisible weapons.. 

  To be continued... 

 DM   22/02/2022

Postscript 18th July - As the crimes committed by Ukrainian forces and their commanders and supporters have demonstrated since I wrote this review, the intentional shooting down of a passenger plane full of innocents by Ukrainian forces is perfectly in order. That it came on the order of or with the full collaboration of US officials was also suspected, but evidence for this has now been unearthed by Vasily Prozorov, and described in two video posts - 
Part 1:
and Part 2:

As evidenced in official documents, three senior defence attache's from the US consulate in Kiev visited Dnipro airport on the morning of July 17th 2014. Vasily demonstrates that this visit can hardly have been other than to direct the operation to shoot down the airliner, given Dnipro was the ATC responsible for MH17's flight at the time of the crash.