Sinking the Narrative

As civilised society collapses around us in a dizzying slide down into some kind of primaeval swamp, taking with it all the markers that once kept it on track, there remain a few fundamental hooks or toe-holds that may save us. It seems impossible that 2022 could degenerate so rapidly into chaos, worse than that… Continue reading Sinking the Narrative

Our trusted sources..

The Black Swan – Australia’s Dr Fauci. Looking at the key role that scientific experts and trusted sources have played in facilitating Pandemic policies which favour corporate interests and government agendas contrary to public health and interests. Few people have had more influence over the development of the globally standardized and accepted narrative of the… Continue reading Our trusted sources..

Freedom Locked In.

A new perspective arises quite suddenly, making the path forward through this tunnel a little more appealing. In the latest little sweetener awarded to the compliant, “double-jabbed” Australians will be allowed to return from abroad and spend only 7 days in quarantine at home, rather than two weeks in a hotel. That costly alternative remains… Continue reading Freedom Locked In.

A Question of Trust.

There is currently a profound dis-junction in society resulting from the pursuit of a political and strategic project, under the guise of fighting an epidemic of a novel respiratory virus. On which side of the rift in belief one stands depends for most people on who they trust to provide them with information that seems… Continue reading A Question of Trust.

Then they came for the Children…

My bleak vision of the past and future following a year of war on truth – over Syria, Iran and Russia – was in contrast to the optimism of the children gathered here to fight the climate wars which already engulfed us. It came against a background of masked warriors in Hong Kong, and masked… Continue reading Then they came for the Children…

From the AZ frying pan into the Pfizer fire.

The increasing hesitancy of older people to get vaccinated against the SARS-2 virus with the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine must be seen as an entirely rational response to the reported dangers from TTS blood clots – which no-one can deny are a reaction to this vaccine. Public confidence in it, already failing following the death… Continue reading From the AZ frying pan into the Pfizer fire.