When Atrocities are a Tragedy.

Rescue of a dead child

The widening gulf between those who condone Israel’s daily atrocities committed against innocent Palestinians and those who daily scream in pain and shout in anger against them, is reflected in a catalogue of divided language. Increasingly this language becomes a means of controlling the narrative, and restricting the viewpoint of the target audience to that… Continue reading When Atrocities are a Tragedy.

Odious Theocracies and their agents.


In my previous article on the rules for kidnappers and hostages I didn’t draw attention to one of the highest profile cases of ‘kidnapping’, and the price paid by Israel to retrieve their hostage. I wrote about this in some detail in the now kidnapped American Herald Tribune, details of which we may need reminding… Continue reading Odious Theocracies and their agents.

Kidnapping Rules


Everyone knows the rules of kidnapping. Both in real life and in film, those rules are unquestioned and brutal – the kidnapper’s demands must be met or there will be consequences worse than paying the ransom, which will often be the death of the captive, preceded by torture. This period, between the taking of the… Continue reading Kidnapping Rules

The Rough Beast


Fourteen years ago, and in the wake of “Operation Cast Lead” – the first of Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza, I created the scene pictured above. It was a pictorial representation of WB Yeats famous poem “The Second Coming”, which seemed to me to relate to the terrible events in Gaza and the people who… Continue reading The Rough Beast