What’s in the Pipeline Now?

Nordstream, Navalny and Novichok.

I wrote this article for possible publication in Pearls and Irritations on March 6th, so publish it for the record, and for the relevant links. As the film “Navalny” is today awarded at the Oscars, it seems relevant to include him here, used as part of the US weaponry against the German-Russian pipeline. It’s interesting… Continue reading What’s in the Pipeline Now?

Breaking Fault-lines and Pipelines

Sonar image of Nordstream 1 blast site

A month has passed since I wrote this article, intended for publication in P&I. In the light of recent developments these initial observations are only made more relevant; not only has the NYT’s remark that the explosion was a “mystery” been shown to a deception, but the situation for people in Syria affected by the… Continue reading Breaking Fault-lines and Pipelines

An Act of War – NATO, Norway and the BBC.

The BBC in Bornholm

In late October, and just a month after the sudden explosion of gas in the Baltic near the Danish island of Bornholm, the BBC’s correspondent Katya Adler accompanied a Norwegian Navy vessel that sent a diving crew down to look at the damage to the Nordstream pipelines. Their cover story was that the danger of… Continue reading An Act of War – NATO, Norway and the BBC.