A Question of Trust.

There is currently a profound dis-junction in society resulting from the pursuit of a political and strategic project, under the guise of fighting an epidemic of a novel respiratory virus. On which side of the rift in belief one stands depends for most people on who they trust to provide them with information that seems credible, rather than on any a priori reasoning, such as might result from detailed scientific understanding.

Yet in order to make an informed decision on whether to accept an injection of an inadequately tested and potentially dangerous drug, such understanding is fundamentally necessary. Consequently it must be the case that very few adults and no children can provide "informed consent" to the vaccination, particularly given the enormous pressure they are being put under to "consent" to this treatment. Never before has it been demanded that people at no apparent risk from a disease consent to treatment that may itself pose a greater danger to their health, while not providing any conceivable benefit. While this situation is serious enough for adults,  they are at least in a position to resist or refuse, and understand the long-term consequences of their decision. 

 The same cannot be said for teenagers and children, who even though they may believe themselves to be well informed and "Gillick competent", are being asked to submit to a treatment that no responsible authority should subject them to. While some cavalier governments - France, Italy, the US and Israel - have simply gone ahead and "authorised" the "emergency" use of mRNA treatments for children over 12, the UK's Joint Vaccine and Immunisation Council has advised against the treatment of 12-15 yr olds and healthy 16-17 yr olds on the basis of balance of risk. The UK government's decision to go against their advice on the pretext of the children's need for face to face learning at school is a political and strategic decision with no possible scientific or health justification that may well go down in history as a criminal blunder - if such a thing is possible. 

Or it should. But while disagreement on the decision will continue to be divisive in the UK, the opposite will be the case in Australia - which coincidentally is also approving both Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna mRNA treatments for school children over 12 this week. So pervasive and effective has been the campaign - of fear and disinformation and cajoling invective from leaders, health advisors, experts and the media, that this approval has been met with enthusiasm and relief. Part of the preparation for this assault on our collective psyche - the presentation of black as white - has been the constant references to young people reportedly getting sick after contracting the Virus, such that those who do develop serious infections are almost being celebrated - while the majority of older people with compromised health who are the usual victims are only used to boost the death statistics and increase people's fear of simply catching the disease. 

  In fact many people are terrified. This remarkably includes ordinarily healthy young people who mostly would not even realise they had caught the infection until a PCR test found them "positive". That revelation itself then leads to more fear and panic, as contact tracers give them the terrible news, but without reassurance or advice on the "prognosis". In fact it seems that the health authorities have little interest in these "victims of a positive test" beyond making sure they remain in isolation for at least 14 days. As they are required to obtain a "release" authorisation from authorities before being allowed out of isolation, and may be fined $5000 if they don't have the correct papers, many have been forced into extended confinement because of this official turpitude. 

When I started writing this - a couple of weeks ago - the uptake of vaccines was accelerating under the pressure of escalating case numbers, first in NSW and then in Victoria, while the lure of freedom from the punishing lockdowns, promised to follow once 70% of those over 16 were vaxed, was putting huge pressure on the "hesitants". Much attention was focused on the protest rallies in Melbourne, that started with the imposition of a Mandvax order on construction workers to be introduced with a mere week's notice. A carefully arranged chronology is urgently in order to appreciate just how clever, devious and criminal was the path pursued by the Andrews regime and its assistants and acolytes in the health and security industry, but save to say that this covert agenda was both indisputable and almost unrecognised. 
  What made it indisputable was simply this - the drive to extend the vaccination to those groups most likely to be endangered by the novel mRNA drugs, and those for whom "protection" against the infection was least necessary - children. This drive started with 16-17 yr olds, on the pretext of approaching exams and their selective return to the classroom, but was quickly followed by the approval of Pfizer's Comirnaty for 12-15 yr olds almost as soon as it was approved by the US FDA.   Indicatively it seemed, this rushed approval of the gene therapy drug for a group on which proper trials were never conducted happened in unison with its approval in the UK. 

  The rush also included the sudden approval of Moderna's mRNA cocktail, "suitable for all ages", which has gone ahead without a hiccup despite the decision of several Scandi countries to suspend its use on people under 30 - due to the risk equation and low incidence of disease in those countries. 

But before this new surge of injections is in full swing, urgent applications are being made to approve both mRNA "vaccines" for use in 5-11 yr olds. Thanks to ongoing manipulation of minds over the dangers of the viral infection to children, and the complete lack of attention to the dangers of myocarditis beyond their dismissal, parents are now anxious to see their young children "protected" before risking their return to school. The government in the meantime is making 3 million child-sized masks available and mandating their use in the last three primary school years. Meanwhile the vaccine has been made mandatory for all teachers and staff, with suspension with pay till Christmas followed by the sack in the new year for the terminally hesitant. 

In the light of this enforcement of a medical intervention on children against their best interests, there can be no doubt remaining that there is mal-intent, and of the most serious kind imaginable. While this demonic and criminal agenda is being pursued and guided by those at the top, and in a way that can barely be seen as uncoordinated or haphazard, the responsibility for effecting and conducting the actual campaign cannot be shirked. "We were only carrying out orders" or "we had reservations but had no choice" simply will not pass for doctors and nurses - even though they must be seen as innocent victims of the propaganda machinery. 

Which answers the question of trust; we cannot trust those who knowingly and cynically pursue political and commercial goals in the guise of public health, regardless of the known danger to innocent and ignorant public victims. 

.. TBC  15th October 2021