Freedom Locked In.

A new perspective arises quite suddenly, making the path forward through this tunnel a little more appealing.

  In the latest little sweetener awarded to the compliant, "double-jabbed" Australians will be allowed to return from abroad and spend only 7 days in quarantine at home, rather than two weeks in a hotel. That costly alternative remains obligatory for the un-vaccinated, putting them under further pressure to submit to the forced injection. 

 But the conditions attached to home quarantine may make it finally more costly; like the "vaccine" itself, these costs may not be evident for a while, or may become evident immediately. In both cases the victim will be "locked in" to the new system, having willingly surrendered their liberties to the State. 

 Far from earning respect and rewards for their compliance to the State's mandate, these new returnees cannot be trusted to do the right thing so must be monitored through their personal surveillance device - their smartphone. A location tracker will ensure that the phone doesn't leave the house, while an ingenious use of facial identification will ensure that the owner doesn't leave their phone. 
 In what must be the most Orwellian scheme in this whole charade of fear and victimisation, central control will send a message at any time of day or night to which the victim must respond within four minutes by taking a selfie. Failure to do so will result in a visit from health authorities or police. 

So the choice is simple. 
We may be locked out of your cage, but you are locked into it for the foreseeable future, and subject to whatever new medical treatments are required to keep you safely compliant. The food you eat and wine you drink will have a sour taste, and the music newly discordant. Time too will seem different, with long anticipated holidays in safe zones over almost before they've started. And as the greenery grows up around the walls of your cage in the wilderness beyond, you will soon forget that others are living freely out there, and the worrying thoughts that they may be happier than you. 

DM October 21 TBC